About Us

It's cliché, but my label is for working women. I've always viewed corporate wear as a business tool. It can enforce your personal brand, support you in that job interview, empower your career, help you level up or make that career switch. My label is not providing you stylish clothing, we are providing you a tool to assist you whatever you are wanting from your career. It's sort of like a laptop, you need a laptop to process all your workpapers, you need that tool. Without it you cannot perform your job. Corporate wear should be viewed the same, you need great corporate wear to elevate yourself and help build that personal brand.

 We want women to dress with purpose. When you're wearing something that makes you feel good, it definitely boosts your confidence and mood. I don't know if there is a study that backs this up but I best believe it.

  At the end of the day, what you choose to wear is part of your brand and you can radiate your brand through your outfit. We are giving you the tool to create a professional signature style - that is what we are all about.

When I first started as an accountant, I never wanted to leave a meeting or a client and be known as the young accountant or junior accountant, but rather the well-dressed accountant or the accountant who was wearing gold metallic heels etc. I wanted to give the persons in that room something else to focus on, rather than my age or experience. And I feel that to this day it still works for me.

- Founder of Miss Métier 

Modern corporate dressing is all about pairing sleek and modern separates with bold silhouettes and timeless, versatile shapes. Designed in Australia, Miss Métier reinvigorates the corporate uniform by carefully curating a workwear wardrobe that can take you from Monday to Friday.   
This new direction ensures polish and professionalism without compromising style. With easy to wear and care pieces: introducing an office wardrobe for the modern corporate woman.