Fri(Yay) Drinks: The Modern Rules

The modern rules to attending Friday work drinks with your work colleagues

An email pings into your inbox from work asking you to casual Friday drinks. How fun! And you’re free on Friday too. Fabulous. As Friday night comes, unfortunately for you, you’re five vodka sodas deep. And, about to drop to Gasolina. Shockingly all in front of your boss.

We’ve all been there, and whilst it can be quite momentous the next few weeks redeeming yourself from the Friday shame. All you have to do is avoid these 5 common mistakes next time you have a casual Friday night drinks session:
The Fri(Yay) drinks etiquette:
  1. Rule number one and the most important rule - don’t get drunk. Not only is falling over the place a terrible look, you're more than likely to say something you would (if sober) regret. Maintaining high standards for yourself, also entails ensuring you're always putting your best foot forward even on a Friday. Don't start a new job and be known as a big drinker or even worse, a drunk. Act and drink like a lady, you have Saturday for getting drunk with the girls.
  2. When there’s an open bar tab, order one drink - don’t order two drinks at once, you look selfish, desperate and cheap. Why did the bar tab run out so quickly? Darling, let's avoid being Monday's news.
  3. Unless permitted don’t order cocktails, shots or anything overly expensive on an open bar tab, it’s inconsiderate for your fellow workers. Unsure of what to order? Opt for the house wine.
  4. Avoid talking about work. Use it as an opportunity to discover more about your work colleagues - their hobbies, passions, weekend plans. It's Friday! Nobody wants to hear about your work problems.
  5. Finally, avoid clustering with the same people. Mingle with people you may have never had a conversation with, introduce yourself, and share the moment of getting to expanding your network of people. Offer drinks to fellow colleagues - it’s sociable and if they’re likeminded, they’ll usually buy the next. Vice versa, if offered a drink, take it and repay the favour.


    Xx - Miss Métier

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