Graduates: Everything you need to know about preparing for application season

How to get a job after graduating from university

There’s nothing more stressful than trying to complete graduate role applications whilst completing uni assessment - all of which tend to have a very similar due date. If you’re a perfect student, you’ve probably got this all covered, if not we’re sharing our simple tips and tricks to applying and keeping up-to-date this grad role application season.


  1. UPDATE. Update your LinkedIn, as in, fill out your profile with your up-to-date information and upload a (somewhat) professional photo. I have a friend who has one of the best LinkedIn pictures which was simply taken on an iPhone - you don’t need to hire a professional photographer for a great photo. LinkedIn would have to be one of the best websites for job searching especially for graduate roles.
  2. PLAN. I started by researching all the companies I was going to apply for and placed all the due dates into an excel spreadsheet. You quickly realise that a number of companies tend to have the same cut-off dates. Make sure you look closely at the cut-off date pertaining to your city, as it can be different. Place it on your wall, in your diary, in your phone as reminders - hey, you can never be too organised.
  3. FOLDER. I made a specific folder for each company on my desktop. Why? Because if you have one resume and cover letter and you’re updating the addresse and company details for each coverletter, you need a place to save it. You want to avoid sending the wrong coverletter to to a company. Keep your documents in order!
  4. TIME. Give yourself time to complete applications. Sometimes companies will ask for question responses such as “why do you want to work here” etc. Give yourself adequate time to research and provide quality answers.
  5. ASSESSMENT. You click submit. Instantly a online assessment quiz link appears. Usually they stipulate a time in which it has to be completed, which can be anything from 48hrs-72hrs. Give yourself time to brush up on your logical, numerical and written skills. I found over time you tend to get better at these quizes, sometimes you may find companies use the same assessment companies. BONUS!
  6. REVIEW. It’s so, so, so important you review your resume and coverletter. Ask a friend or family member to review it. Attention to detail is everything. Ask them to read your responses to questions. They’re bound to find a small mistake which you’ve probably not recognised, since you’ve been constantly looking at it.
  7. PERSISTENCE. It is damn hard work to stay up to date and active through the whole process. But please, please stay at it. Don’t get lazy and complacent if you’ve already got an interview for one company. Keep your options open. Luckily, some companies have a second round of grad applications usually after financial year, if you missed out in February, April, May round. Keep checking LinkedIn or whatever website you are using.

Xx - Miss Métier

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