Staple Wardrobe: What is a staple?

How to build a capsule workwear wardrobe

In the scope of fashion, there is nothing more satisfying that having a clean wardrobe. For me, that comprises of matching hangers, colour coordination of garments from darks to whites and of course my statement pieces on full show. It is quite a refreshing process, only thoroughly conducted every season. However no matter how many times I attempt at reducing the size of my wardrobe, there is always a few items that I just can't bear to let go. They are, and can be best described as my staple items. From my Ralph Lauren white blouse to my Robert Robert suede nude pumps, these items are just vital and add to the overall completeness of my wardrobe and style.

 How on earth have these items been able to avoid the recycle pile! They have stood the test of time and will probably stand for a long while to come. So, what constitutes a staple? What are the key characteristics that keep them hanging vividly in our closets and minds. Here is my list:

1. You wish you bought two

My biggest fashion regret of all time! Why did I not think of purchasing two or three of these babies! Of course they don't re-stock them, typical...

2. You can't throw them out

Obvious! That's why it stays in your closet. But you never know, the right event or moment may appear! OK, but there has got to be a time when you do, like my favourite nude flats which are in a dire state but until a replacement is found they will just have to stay!

3. You may or may not have checked if there is a BNWT on Ebay

Enough said!

 4. It has no use by date

I would say all my staples are timeliness, surprisingly avoiding any use by date.

 5. Finally, it completes your style

No matter the situation, I always feel comfortable in my staple pieces. They're the foundations of my own personal style and of course, key additions to any great outfit!

Xx - Miss Métier

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